Rage-Elvin Holiday

Created by Larry Hama and Paul Ryan

1st appearance: The Avengers vol. 1 #326, November 1990

Team Affiliations: New Warriors, Avengers

Legal Status: U.S citizen with no criminal record

Height: 6’6              Weight: 450 lbs

Eyes: Brown                   Hair: Black

Relatives: Mr. Haliday (father, deceaased), Mrs. Haliday (mother, deceased), Edna M. “Granny” Staples (grandmother, deceased); Andrew Chord and Dwayne Taylor/ Night Thraser (legal guardians)

Skills and Abilities: He has been trained by Captain America and Night Thrasher in martial arts and unarmed combat.

Powers: Rage has superhuman strength, resistance to injury, healing and reflexes. His strength can also increase to limitless levels similar to the the Hulk when Enraged or involved in violent activity.

Character Biography

Elvin Daryl Haliday was a puny spineless boy growing up in Brooklyn, New York with his Grandmother. He was often bullied and beat up by the other boys in his neighborhood and school. At the age of 13 while he hid from some bullies he was covered in toxic waste and fell ill. His grandmother nursed him back to health but he entered a strange growth spurt which saw his body aging to the point of an adult. Stranger still he also developed Superhuman strength and invulnerability. Finally having the power to stand up to those who had terrorized him his whole life Rage was filled with a new feeling, no longer scared but confident. With his grandmother’s help he chose a name and donned a mask and began to operate as the Superhero Rage.

Brimming with confidence he went to Avengers mansion and confronted then leader Captain America about why the avengers lacked any black members. While this did not lead to him joining them he later did assist in the defeat of a villain and was made a probationary member of the team by Captain America himself. While an Avenger he was trained by Captain America in unarmed combat. When his age was found out however he was relieved of his “probationary member” status and was now simply an avenger Trainee.

New Warrior

Rage later helped the New Warriors  on a mission which involved stealing an avenger Quinjet and lost it in battle. He was then dismissed from the avengers and found his face a punching bag for the Greek god Hercules. It didn’t matter however as he joined the new warriors.

The hardest time in his life was upon him as a new gang had taken over his neighborhood and he witnessed his grandmother gunned down before him. As an orphan he lived up to his codename as it was the only emotion he could feel. Legal problems followed since he was still a minor he was to become a ward of the state. Luckily his teammate Night thrasher worked something out for him and also had a proper burial and memorial for his grandmother.  Over time the New Warriors drifted apart and Night Thrasher disbanded them.

Finally deciding to put school before heroics he went to boarding school and became a reserve member of the avengers once again. He would come out of “retirement” to assist the avengers on a few adventures.

Recent events

He later watched as most of his former teammates were killed in the ‘stanford Incident’ which caused Civil war. During civil war he sided with Captain America’s anti-registration heroes. He was later arrested and freed and participated in the climatic battle. Once Captain America surrenders though he signs up with ‘the initiative’. He later quits and joins a newly reformed New Warriors under Justice his old teammate.

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