Bamboo Monkey (Character)

Publisher: DC comics

Created by: Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel

1st appearance: Nightwing #23, 1998

Nationality: Unknown

Team Affiliations: Monkey Fist Cult

Legal Status: Unknown.

Height: 5’9″   Weight: 160 lbs
Eyes: Brown    Hair: Black

 Known Relatives: Unknown

Skills and Abilities:  He has mastered  various styles of Kung-Fu to create a very flexible and agile type of martial arts. In addition he wields a bladed bamboo staff which incorporates Bo-staff, whip cane and spear mastery.  As a testament to his strength and flexibility he is also a world class skill with the bow and arrow as noted by his personal invitation to the archers competition.



The Bamboo Monkey was one of many belonging to the Monkey Fist Cult who sought to kill Green Arrow Connor Hawke after he had defeated their most skilled fighter, the Silver Monkey.  While attacking his prey he faced Batman’s two partners Dick Grayson/Nightwing and Tim Drake/Robin 3. During the fight he defeated both of them attacking in tandem easily.  Despite his speed, cunning and skill however he was defeated by Connor Hawke [Nightwing vol.2 #23].

After his defeat he led his clan in a tournament where he challenge Connor, Lady Shiva  and Richard Dragon. While they never made it to the finals thanks to the three superior fighters, Dragon noting how dangerous they were [Richard Dragon vol. 1 #12].

He resurfaced in an archery championship where he was personally invited  by the man in charge [Connor Hawke-Dragon’s Blood #1]. He attended all the meetings outlining the competition though his numerous defeats had resulted his mind becoming dangerously unstable [Connor Hawke-Dragon’s Blood #2] . When he tried to assassinate a friend of Connor Hawke he was shot through the chest in retaliation. Before he could give any answers he was shot three times in the chest by assassins and died [Connor Hawke-Dragon’s Blood #3].


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