Connor Hawke (Character)

Connor Hawke-Green Arrow

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Kelley Puckett and Jim Aparo

1st appearance: Green Arrow #0, 1994

Alias: Green Arrow, Robin Hood, The Bowman, Connor Oliver, Stoic Warrior, Tiger Woods, The Bow slinger, Con’

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Brotherhood of the Monkey fist, Justice League, Green Arrow Family.

Legal Status: US citizen with no criminal record

Height: 5’10              Weight: 190 lbs

Eyes: Green                 Hair: Blond

Relatives: Unnamed Black Grandfather (status unknown), Unknown Asian Grandmother (status Unknown), Oliver Queen (Father), Sandra Hawke (Mother)

Skills and abilities:

Martial Arts: Connor is a world class master martial artist easily one of the top five martial artist on DC Comics Earth. He fought Lady Shiva who taught Batman/Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake/Robin to a near standstill, even batman noted even he was never able to accomplish this in unarmed combat. Other notable feats include his defeat of the Paper Monkey of the monkey fist clan, Shiva also a member was the only other person more skilled than paper monkey. His defeat of the Bamboo Monkey is also noteworthy as Bamboo had defeated both Tim Drake/Robin and Dick Grayson/Nightwing who had been trained by the worlds best fighters as well as Batman/Bruce Wayne. He also fought Richard Dragon to a draw. Richard is regarded as DC Comcis greatest martial artist having been trained alongside a young Lady shiva and went on to teach Catwoman, The Question, Nightwing and even the Huntress. Connor is also able to mimic any fighting style he sees also giving him an edge in combat.

Archery: His skill with the bow and arrow are not as refined as his father but he has displayed abilities such as speed and precision with a bow which made him worthy of the “dragon’s blood tournament” which gathered the DC Comics best archers together. He was crowned champion at its end edging out the assassin Shado who’s skill rivaled his father Oliver Queen.

Powers: At one point he possessed a healing factor and high resistance to pain and injury.

Connor is the son of Green Arrow/Oliver Queen and Sandra Hawke. Connor was the result of a one night stand between the two. His father only learnt of his birth moments before he was born. He grew up unaware of who his father was. As a young man he was bullied often because of hi mixed race background and unique look. He grew to have quite the temper as well. His mother not knowing what to do with him confided that he was the son of Superhero Oliver Queen. Connor then feverishly gathered and read everything he could about his dad until finally his mother agreed to send him to the same ashram that Oliver had trained before becoming Green Arrow. Fore five years he trained as a kyudo archer, martial artist and Zen-Buddist. He later met his father when his dad came back to the monastery. Soon after however his dad died and he took over the mantle of the Green Arrow.
Over the years he befriended Green Lantern/Kyle Rayner, Wally West/Flash and joined the Justice League. His greatest test came however when he defeated the paper Monkey which lead to the monkey fist cult attacking all martial artists worldwide to regain their honor. He also defeated the Bamboo Monkey who had single-handedly defeated both Dick Grayson/Nightwing and Tim Drake/Robin at once. He then met Lady Shiva in combat and fought her almost to a standstill a feat not even batman can boast. When his father returns they move in together and he is seriously injured twice while his dad finally weds Black Canary. He also attends a tournament for the worlds greatest archer and comes out on top. During blackest Night he defeats his father. After DNA tampering he also gained a healing factor.


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