Sentinel (Character)

Marcus Langston-Sentinel

Publisher: Image Comics

Created by Rob Liefeld

1st appearance: Youngblood (vol. 1) #1, 1992

Real Name: Marcus Langstrom

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Youngblood, Team Youngblood

Weight: 170 lbs    Height: 6’2

Eyes: Brown         Hair: black

Known Relatives: Parents (deceased), Elizabeth (Wife)

Facts: He has only one eye, having lost the other in a fight with Prophet.

Skills and abilities: Genius level inventor, natural born leader and tactician.

Powers: His exoskeleton runs on a miniature fusion generator which grants him flight, superhuman strength and Speed. The armor can also generate Force fields and energy blasts.


Marcus grew up dirt poor to a hooker and a drunk. His intellect never achieved greatness until his father brought home a magic book inside which he found the tale of the path he was on. One of petty theft and death. Determined to change his fate he studied hard and escaped his fate by way of a scholarship. His mother died of a drug overdose and his father’s fate remains unrevealed. In college his penchant for invention brought him to the attention of the united states government who tasked him with building an experimental weapon for the military. His design choice was an exoskeleton with uncharted capabilities. Coworker Elizabeth became his inspiration as he toiled away on what was deemed impossible. To impress her and in a selfish bid to demonstrate his creation he wore the exoskeleton to the military demonstration. Impressed they signed a deal where he kept the original suit but made more like it for military use. Him and Elizabeth went on to be married. When the youngblood program was started he was the first member under the codename Sentinel.  He served as field leader for a long time on Youngblood (operating for the united states) and Team Youngblood (Which operates internationally). More than any other member of the team he’s the heart of the Youngblood program, under him the program has thrived. He a fiercely patriotic individual, a symbol of liberty among some of the more disparate members of the team.

His fall from grace occurred when the magic book was found by teammate Riptide in the ensuing scuffle she was killed and he tried to frame Knightsabre. His plans were foiled and he was imprisoned in Supreme’s citadel.


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