Seven Soldiers: The Manhattan Guardian #1 Review

Seven Soldiers: The Manhattan Guardian #1 – Pirates of Manhattan

Manhattan Guardian part 1 of 4; Seven Soldiers whole part 3 of 30.

This hero is living masthead of the Manhattan Guardian newspaper… The only newspaper that lives up to its creed: “WE DON’T JUST REPORT CRIME: WE FIGHT CRIME!”.


In a subway in Manhattan a train pulls up lead by a black pirate called “No beard” who rips off a man’s back which has a treasure map to the hidden subways. The man warns no beard that “all beard” will come and get him.

Outside a grocery store a man and his wife discuss getting their son in law a job. The mom and daughter drive back while the dad shows the son-in-law a job opportunity in the newspaper. He refuses but later that night at dinner he agrees to go.

At the building he stumbles on terrorists trying to take control. He fights them off and makes his way to the top floor. The man in charge reveals that he has passed the test and will now become heir personal superhero: The Manhattan guardian. He accepts and when he tells his girl, she is scared and excited about what will come next.

That evening he gets a call about an emergency on the subway, as he’s listening to the Shilo NormanMister miracle;seven soldiers show. He rushes over there as the pirates light a man on fire, capture his girl and takes off on the train. He gets pulled along for the ride and shit hits the fan!

The Good

Characterization- Our hero Jake Jordan (JJ) carries a lot of emotional baggage into this first story which makes him very sympathetic and accessible. As a cop of many years who witnessed his partners face get blown off, traumatized by that and accidentally shooting an innocent teen who he mistook for said killer. That’s allot of emotional guilt to walk around with. It makes his depression understandable as well as his inability to seek a job or be a good boyfriend.  This man is likable and tragic in all the right ways.

Art- The art thanks to Cameron Stewart portray everything well. From the gruesome burning of a man alive, to the softer moments of a rekindled flame between JJ and his Wife it all looks great!

The Bad

Pirates in the subway? Seriously?

The weirdness of the villains will put some off.

Grant Morisson’s quirky tales are not for everyone if you didn’t like his mainstream work on New X-men chances are this may not be your cup of tea.

The Ugly


stars- 3 good


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