Idie Okonkwo (Character)

Idie Okonkwo
Idie Okonkwo

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Matt Fraction

1st appearance: The Uncanny X-Men #528, 2010

Nationality: Nigerian

Team Affiliations: X-men

Legal Status: Minor with no criminal record

Weight: 110 lbs    Height: 5’5

Eyes: Brown            Hair: Black

Relatives: Parents (status unknown)

Skills and abilities: Basic hand to hand combat skills from X-men training.

Powers: Idie is a high level thermo-kinetic mutant able to generate both heat and cold from her body. Not only can she generate Ice and fire but also control their shape and intensity she is also immune to temperature extremes.


Idie is a 14-year-old Nigerian mutant with the power of Thermo-Kinesis. When her powers first manifested she burnt her village to the ground [Uncanny X-men #528, 2010]. Branded a witch by locals she witnessed her family killed for trying to protect her. Taking refuge in a church and believing herself a ‘devil’ for the chaos she caused Idie is rescued by Storm and Hope Summers, the mutant messiah returned from the future [Uncanny X-men #528]. Hope stabilizes her powers and Idie is revealed as one of ‘five lights’ which signify the mutant race is not dieing. After being rescued by Storm she joined the X-men [Uncanny X-men #528] .

Idie accompanies Hope on a few missions and found a kindred spirit with the X-man Wolverine though she still considers herself a ‘monster’ [Generation Hope #1], ‘Heretic’, ‘Blasphemy’ and ‘Witch child’ [Generation Hope #8]. This is as a result of her deeply religious upbringing and how she perceives herself as a result of her parents deaths and the tragedies around her.


Wolverine realizing her self loathing and that Cyclops was effectively turning them into child soldiers refuses to teach them combat skills and instead gives Idie a doll to play with [X-men: Schism #1]. During the opening of a museum in the X-men’s honor she was one of the students to attend. When the ‘hellfire club’ attacks the X-men are taken down while she hides. The villains plant bombs to kill the team and Idie is told by Cyclops to do ‘whatever is necessary’ to save the X-men as Wolverine protests. By the time reinforcements arrive arrive Idie has killed the villains and shows no emotion despite what would seem to be a ‘traumatic event’ [X-men: Schism #3].  This event results in a debate, argument and eventual battle between Wolverine and Scott effectively tearing the X-men into two separate teams. After schism her willingness to kill again and perceiving herself as a monster causes her to be sent away with Wolverine to the Jean Grey School [X-men Schism #5]. Idie also blames herself for ‘destroying’ the X-men.

Students at the Jean Grey School

After joining the Jean Grey School under headmaster Wolverine she immediately became the crush of Quentin Quire and Broo. She was heartbroken when he lost his intellect and wanted revenge on those responsible [Wolverine and the X-men #18-21]. Idie eventually leaves the school to join the Hellfire Academy to seek revenge on those responsible for Broo’s condition. Once there she caught the eye of Kade Kilgore, the black king who wanted to make her his ‘black queen’. Upon learning he was responsible for shooting Broo in the head she attacked him [Wolverine and the X-men #34]. When Wolverine arrived a battled raged between both factions.

Future Vision

A future vision shows her as part of the X-men in a relationship with Quentin Quire/Kid Omega.


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