X-men (2013) #10 Review

XMEN2013#10 1 AN ALL-NEW SISTERHOOD! The X-Men have taken down super villains, aliens and their own future selves…but never all at the same time! Lady Deathstrike has put together an all new Sisterhood, her own!

The Good

Cover- Terry and Rachel Dodson turn in a lovely cover this month highlighting our all female cast. Slick, stylish and full of excitement!

Villains– The latest incarnation of the sisterhood have me all hot and bothered. Enchantress, Arkea, Typhoid Mary and lady Deathstrike are an off kilter yet surprisingly engaging bunch.

Characterization– No good story is complete without spot on character chemistry and characterization and this one delivers on both fronts.

Black HeroMonet is in the building still kicking ass and taking names! Idie Okonkwo and Bling also make an appearance.

Humor- Brian Wood has a great sense of humor and luckily he manages to squeeze just enough humor

More to come– Hands up if your heart skipped a beat when they revealed that the sisterhood has plans to resurrect Madelyn Pryor and Selene? I have no words for how much potential Madelyn has if executed right.  I’m talking the tragic echo of a relatable and tragic human being from the X-men series which ended in the early 2000’2. NOT the “Queen Jean” or the travesty which appeared recently in the Uncanny X-men series under Fraction’s pen. If that can be done, I’ll be one f***ing happy fan boy! Selene on the other hand also has vast potential but never quite got the execution down. Necrosha was supposed to elevate her to “Emma Frost or Magneto” level. It ended pretty abruptly on the eve of messiah complex. This could be the redemption both characters need. Brian Wood, make it so!

Romance- I’m not sold on Sublime and Rachel Grey’s budding romance but I don’t hate it. If Wood can make this work I see a very awkward romance akin to Charmed’s Phoebe and Cole.

The Bad

Interior art- This month the Dodsons are on a break so we have fill-in duty from Anka Mann. It’s not the worst art on the stands but nothing compared to what we’ve had in previous issues.

Action- This issue is all about set up and as a result is light on action.

The Ugly

Great cover, decent humor, great characterization, potential and great villains? I like it!  I give this issue a 4/5

stars- 4


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