New Avengers #9 Review

The New Avengers #9 - The Sentry part 3


Flashback to the Illumiati meeting after stark asked them to give him info on the sentry. No one there has any knowledge of such a being BUT when reed checks his computer databanks he finds thousands of entries. What’s more Prpf-X warns his mind has been tampered with.

In the present the void attacks our heroes. Invisible woman, Dr. Strange and Iron man throw up a barrier while Emma and Reed show him a recording of himself that he sent to reed sometime in the past. He gets a self explanation of what has happened to him and he beseeches himself to put an end to the chaos by co-operating with Reed. He finally agrees and Emma enters Sentry’s mind.

They go through his memories until Emma finds one that is deeply hidden. It reveals that Jason wyngarde had created the sentry in his mind and also as a byproduct caused the world to forget him. The ally of Mastermind is hidden however and    when Emma tries to find out his identity Sentry freaks out and flees. Back in reality the shapshifting Void rampages.

The Good

Engaging story. I read this way back when it was released BUT despite knowing what was gonna happen during my re-reads for you review fans I was still sucked in and some parts even gave me chills up and down my spine. Sentry=? BUT he’s engaging as hell, he is human, vulnerable, fallible its makes for some very interesting stories and especially contrasting him with Superman he becomes more than just a superhero with a slew of powers which make him invulnerable and all powerful, he is his greatest enemy. I also loved tying Mastermind into what happened to him after all this was the man who unhinged Phoenix and made her into dark phoenix now here he is breaking another uber powerful being.

Brian Bendis writes an engaging story with rabbit holes within rabbit holes with rabbit holes. We can just call him the webspinner because he weaves a damn good web with very interesting characters. Colors and art as always are just top not. They used the reto style for the memories and it’s a contrast I love.

The Bad

No complaints

The Ugly

4.5/5 stars


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