Black Panther in New Avengers Cartoon!

T'challa one of earths mightiest!

Good Night BH fans while perusing Twitter today (we are on twitter by the way follow us please here 🙂 ) I found Chris Yost one of my favorite writers in the last few years thanks to stints on New X-men and the numerous X-23 series. He posted a link (here) which you’ll find sends you straight to the upcoming Avengers cartoon.  The interesting stuff is that our new paparazzi favorite hero T’challa will be joining the team!!

Sure in the comics he’ll be “man without fear” but forget that as his profile will no doubt skyrocket thanks to this appearance!!

Chris sat down with Newsarama for a lil chat you can view that here

This new series is set for an October release see all you T’challa fans there!

here for your viewing pleasure is the trailer! 😛 [youtube=]


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