Black Panther: Man without Fear Intervew!

This is it BH fans a glimpse into the minds of the creative team which will move T’challa into a mainstay of hell’s kitchen novelist David Liss and artist Francesco Francavilla.

The new Man Without fear?!

In this interview With Newsarama we learn that Liss thought the Black Panther in Wakanda was “intimidating” He loved the Priest run and respected the Hudlin and Mayberry runs for making Panther a more popular character as opposed to Nich! So we’re hoping this run will meld all three while maintaining it’s new status quo! 🙂

They go on to talk about knowing current continuity by way of reading Doomwar and the last Black Panther series! T’challa now has no monarchy to return to, no wealth  and sadly NO POWERS!  There will be new supporting cast in addition to old faces.

Read the full Interview here.


According to CBR‘s Interview with Liss T’challa has come to hell’s Kitchen after walking away from Wakanda, he’s there to essentially test himself and has walked away from his family and country (yes Storm is confirmed as being off doing her own thing….aka abandoned 🙁 ) Shuri meanwhile will take over as the Queen of Wakanada and the Black Panther title will remain with her.  The book is only being called “Black Panther’ in the interim as he makes a new identity for himself  🙁

you can read that article here


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