Fearless Defenders #8 Review

fearlessdefenders#8 1New costume! New arc! New status quo I still won’t tell you about!

Misty kicked ass in Valkyrie’s world, now it’s time to see how Valkyrie fairs in Misty’s.

Guest staring Elsa Bloodstone!



The Good

Cover- Valkyrie gets a shiny new suit this issue and this is where it makes its debut, smack dab in the middle of this month’s cover.  It really stands out.

Art- This month’s art was great especially the depiction of Misty knight and her glorious Afro which the colors manage to even give texture (kudos).

Costume- Really like Valkyrie’s new digs!

Action- One thing you can’t complain about with this book is its always high octane and full of energy. The art is also improving in illustrating and choreography of said fights.

Villains- The new Asian chick with mad Kung Fu skills and magic was a nice foil to Misty, Val and Elsa. At the end when Caroline LeFay does the small speech about her supervillain connections really hit all the right notes giving a lot of weight to her despite being a new creation.

Ladies- The neatest thing about this book for me is how it sheds light on the often neglected and forgotten women in marvel ore. Last issue we had Clea love interest of Dr. Strange this issue we get Esa Bloodstone who I have not seen or even though about in years!

Black Hero- Misty Knight for the first time in eight issues is front and center and man does the change of pace not breathe life into a book that was becoming quite stale.


The Bad

Um- Ok I can see all these women as Shield maidens for Asgard but…..a Brood? I may sound Spiciest but that is way zanier than I would have expected this book to turn. On another note why are the Brood no longer scary? What’s with all the newer talkative friendly types? Broo is at the Xavier school, Hulk had “No name” in his warbound and now the darn thing joins the fearless defender? I think we may be reaching now honestly. The Brood were supposed to Marvel’s answer to the Alien franchise’s Xenomorphs but nowadays they really don’t inspire the fear and dread they used to.



The Ugly

Overall this book is still pretty good, the art improves each month, action is guaranteed and woman from all across the breadth and width of the marvel universe are utilized in sensible and interesting ways. Fearless Defenders #8 gets 3.5/5

stars- 3.5


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