Villains for Hire #1 Review


Purple man has assembled the Villains for Hire and sent them on a mission to secure evidence in transit. The mission goes south when another team of villains secures the evidence and flees.  Purple Man laments that he must find the competition and eliminates them immediately as they are trying to take over his empire. The other set of villains is run by Misty Knight who plans to stop Purple man before he can establish a powerful base and surpass the Kingpin of crime.


The Good

Art- Nice, gritty and dark perfectly suited for this series courtesy of Renato Arlem.

Cover- Good assortment of obscure villains like Bushmaster and Wraith

Characterization– Purple Man and Misty knight are our main players with everyone else as support. Misty has been rocking the marvel universe for awhile now as marvel’s version of Oracle/Barbara Gordon. Purple man in this issue ahs another of his famous freak outs when things start going south. Only Head-hunter’s presence calms him down, this is typical for him.

Continuity- Misty’s time with the Heroes for Hire and her expertise in guiding a group of people, Purple man makes note of his time imprisoned in “the raft” before his escape in New Avengers #1.

Villains- Joining Misty Knight in this series are Deadly Nightshade and Bushmaster, black supervilains and Black superheroes unite!


The Bad

Obscure- This book suffers from a problem of obscurity. When Misty knight and shocker from Spider-man are your most recognizable characters you know you’re in weird territory.


The Ugly

I would say a solid start to Misty Knight’s venture into a villainous future 4/5


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