Savage Dragon #237 Review


Malcolm, Angel and Maxine are busy having a threesome while the kids meet their new aunt Julia. Malcolm and Angel hash out falling back into old habits. In a battle with the Scourge Angel and Malcolm are both seriously injured and the villain escapes.

What I thought

Art as always is top notch as was the action. Malcolm and Angel falling back into a sexual relationship is predictable. They have always had unresolved sexual and emotional issues which have only gotten worst after their sexual relationship and her being the mother of one of his children. I’m not sure how much Maxine realizes that this is dangerous for her own relationship  but I foresee many issues down the road.

The New Villain is certainly formidable and reminds me of Overlord which is arguably…the series most memorable villain.


It was mostly sex, action and not much character work but I enjoyed every moment! 3/5 stars


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