Savage Dragon #238 Review


Angel Murphy is recovering in the hospital under the watchful eyes of Malcolm  and Maxine. They use the same process to save Angel as they did Maxine. At home Malcolm’s  brother Thunderhead  is having trouble taking care of his four kids. When they get back home Maxine goes to a bachelorette party, Angel is hounded by the paparatzi, Malcolm is attacked by the sex doll androids. The Dragon kids and dad make short work of the bots. Angels returns and confesses to Malcolm what she did. Maxine later sees a therapist.


What I thought

I’m not feeling the cover art this month, it’s fitting considering Malcolm’s blood is a central part of the story and the red soaked background with hands reaching for Malcolm fits the motif.

The art as always is typical Erik Larsen and yes that means it’s detailed, top shelf, grade “A” work. I enjoyed this issue because of its focus on Maxine Dragon and what drives her as more than a two dimensional sex addict. The new villain that Larsen has teased, Scourge looms in the wings, he will need a serious fleshing out to be more than just the villain of the month.

At it’s core this series is about family, Malcolm taking over from his father, all the children and their growth, the next generation villains. This series delivers a great adult based superhero family drama each and every month, I’m here for it! Erik Larsen keeps on rocking!






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