Generation-X #1 Review

Generation-X #1

The Wait is finally over! Class is in session again as Xavier’s new School for Gifted Youngsters welcomes its first class of students! But will their chances of ever making it to the next grade disappear when the vicious Emplate comes to town?!?



Husk is off jogging and runs into Jubilee and M. On a plane from England Chamer aka Jonathan Starsmore is on his way to the Xavier school for the gifted. In the biosphere Synch and Skin fight each other in a training match. Banshee takes the girls to the biosphere where he breaks up the scuffle between the boys. Emma and Banshee get into it.

At the airport Emplate waits for Chamber to arrive. Later on Jubilee and Synch accompany Banshee to the airport to and Monet meets with Gateway who relays that Emplate has returned.

Inside the airport Emplate moves undetected toward his prey and Banshee, Synch and Jubilee also arrive. Once he starts feeding on Chamber the team attacks though he proves more than a match for them. It’s only when the rest of Gen-X arrive that the tide is turned. Husk is almost mortally wounded but saved by her power and Emplate vanishes before their eyes. Monet and Emma get into it about Emma entering her mind without permission.

Upon returning home Emplate discovers his prisoner gone.

Back at the school the team discovers a young woman in rags on the lawn with only one cryptic message from gateway…Penance.

The Good

Man do I miss those slick shiny foil covers of the 90’s! Just beautiful! The art in this issue was just perfect courtesy of Chris Bachalo during a time when he had gone very “anime” gotta tell you guys I love this particular style more than his usual because. Well I can actually see what the hell is going on!

Monet is as bitchy as I remember her, Paige the brain, Jubilee is still the noisy obnoxious 90’s mallrat which made her so popular in the 90’s. Everything blends together well and this team from the onset has great chemistry.

Emplate also makes a lovely villain, visual flair and powers make him a great villain and lets not forget he’s a black supervillain too, one of the few good ones as well.

The mystery of Monet’s connection to Gateway, who is the young woman on the lawn who has been Emplate’s prisoner for years all make this a first issue with a whole lot of bang for your buck.

The Bad

No complaints

The Ugly

4/5 wonderful possibilities and originality make this a great read!


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