King Bedlam (Character)

Created by: John Francis Moore and Steve Epting

1st appearance: Factor X #1, 1995 (Age of Apocalypse)

X-force #83, 1998 (Mainstream marvel comics)

Real Name: Christopher Aaronson

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Hellions

Legal Status: U.S Citizen with no known criminal record

Weight: 210 lbs    Height: 6’1

Eyes: Black             Hair: Bald

Known Relatives: Mr. Bedlam (Father, deceased), Mrs. Bedlam (Mother, Deceased) Jesse Bedlam (Brother)

Skills and abilities: Trained hand to hand combatant

Powers: He emits a psionic scrambler field which disrupts brain functions. This grants him immunity to telepaths and the ability to drive his opponents mad for short burst or permanently.

Notes: On M-Day he was de-powered and lost his mutant abilities.



Chris was the first of two children born to a middle American family.  As his power manifested he became difficult especially when his parents spoke of sending him away to boarding school. In a testament to his cruelty even at this early stage he used his powers on his parents driving them mad ans caused them to crash there car. His parents where killed in the accident but his younger brother Jessie survived. They were separated and sent to different orphanages. From this stage he decided to never allow anyone to use him for there own personal gain. When his powers came to the attention of the orphanage he was separated and recruited into a secret government operation where he was trained for a few years. He eventually rebelled and drove his handlers mad. From here he met Marie Angie Colbert know as Torot one of Emma Frost’s Hellions. She tried to recruit him but he declined preferring to choose his own path. It’s also suggested that he declined an offer to join Xavier’s School for the gifted. For the next few years he maintained a low profile and gathering together a band of mutants who shared his goal of mutant supremacy.  His new Hellions clashed with X-force over the Armageddon man one of the earliest mutants who could cause natural disasters. In the Fracas he reunited with his brother Jessie. When they were defeated him and his followers fled. On M-Day he lost his mutant powers and has not been seen since.





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