Puppeteer (Character)


Publisher: Marvel Comics

First Appearance: All New Inhumans #10, 2016

Created by: James Asmus and Stefano Caselli

Real Name: Unknown

Team Affiliation:  The Inhumans of Utolan

Height: 5’ 5”                           Weight: 110 lbs.

Eye Color: Brown                 Hair Color: Unknown

Relatives:  Unknown

Skills and Abilities: Trained unarmed combatant

Powers: Puppeteer appears to have the telepathic ability to take control of another’s mind and have them do whatever she wants.


Born and raised high in the secluded Inhuman city of Utolan located in the Chimanimani mountains, Mozambizue, Africa. She was chosen to undergo Terrigeniss and transcended to his true form [All New Inhumans #10, 2016].

Trained as a champion (Warrior) she spent years honing her skills in the protection of the elders. When the young elder known as Sanara rebelled against the old ways and proposed an alternative and more radical view of their beliefs, Puppeteer joined her cause alongside a few other champions [All New Inhumans #10, 2016].

Puppeteer was a crucial member of the team who confronted Flint and his mother. It was she who took control of the young hero and used his power to rip the mountain protecting Utolan off exposing the nation to the coming Terrigen cloud. She was ultimately defeated by Flint [All New Inhumans #10, 2016].


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