Savage Dragon #210 Review

Savagedragon#210 4There’s trouble in paradise!

Malcolm and Maxine are on their honeymoon in hell?

Oh, crap!



What I thought

On the secluded island honeymoon Malcolm and Maxine are attacked by Virago and her minions. He takes them out and they continue their vacation in a more populated area. Elsewhere Tierra Jones’s body is found and her ex-husband identifies the body. Her child is still nowhere to be found. Angel continues to defend the city in Malcolm’s absence.

I’m an Erik Larsen fanboy, by now you know this and as always he delivers his Jack Kirby-esque style in every way.  He captures the warm smiles and tender love of Maxine and Malcolm in subtle ways. The splash pages for action are also used to great effect.

The eyes and humor are also great. Using Virago as the villain was a blast from the past as I thought she was brand new since Savage Dragon #2 came out way back in the 90’s when me and the world were in our Fox Kid/X-men/Power Rangers phase (Good times). This book is also my refuge from the more complicate and convoluted modern comics. This feels like a piece of 90’s magic caught in a bottle and I love it!

There are going to be so many of these Dragon type characters running around years from now….Malcolm has two biological children and their is his evil half brother who vowed vengeance. This means Erik has many ways to replace his titular character and take the book in new directions.

This issue gets a solid 3/5 stars

stars- 3 good


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