Ultimates (2015) #5 Review

ULTMTS2015#5 4Beyond every universe…beyond the omniverse itself…beyond any limit mankind has ever known…there is only The Outside. From here, The Ultimates can see into the true nature of all time and space – and learn the secrets of the All-New Marvel Universe! The question is…what’s out here seeing into them?


What I thought

A disembodied Thanos watches as Black Panther, Blue Marvel, Miss America, Captain Marvel Anti-man and Monica Rambeau crash into the “outside” as they lose hull integrity they are saved by Galactus seeder of worlds. Galactus reveals how he perceives time but Anti-man realizes he’s hiding something and he quickly puts them to sleep. Galactus then convenes with Eternity who has been shackled and bound.

Galactus rips his way back into the universe and Thanos jumps back as well and in so doing is reborn.

I enjoyed this issue allot. It’s no secret that I really do love this book and the whole creative team. Al Ewing is knocking it out the park consistently and Roccaforte is on point, always! Ewing is continuing the huge ideas that Hickman played with during his Avengers run and it’s a sweet pay off with nods to the recently concluded Secret Wars in which Thanos was killed by Doom and cosmic big wigs like Galactus and Eternity. With Fantastic Four gone this seems like the place to get your sci-fi superhero action on.

Galactus’s explanation of the time flow was interesting even if he embellished here and there as it could be used as a plausible explanation for Marvel’s sliding timescale. The glimpses of the many futures are also interesting choices since Modern Marvel had been wrapped up on those points: Cable, Bishop and even the recently debut Avengers 20xx which contained perhaps Blue Marvel’s granddaughter Marvel Woman.  Miss America also shows a glimpse of her humanity as she overexerts her powers and going into Arrhythmia. It’s a sobering reminder that as powerful she and her teammates are, they are still fundamentally human and mortal. The flashback of Miss America and her girlfriend was also well executed and seamless. This book is also your one stop spot for mainstream minority depiction as it’s all treated like a nonissue with just downright good storytelling from start to finish  with ethnicity and all is trappings not shoved down the readers collective throats!

We have action, metaphysical conundrums, the rebirth of a classic marvel villain, superb art, young love and so much more. I give this issue 4/5 stars

stars- 4 very good


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