Miss America (Character)

Miss America Chavez
Miss America Chavez

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta

1st appearance: Vengeance #1, 2011

Real Name: America Chavez

Nationality: Unknown

Aliases: Miss America Chavez,

Team Affiliations: Young Avengers, Teen Brigade

Legal Status: Citizen of the Utopia

Height: 5’5″     Weight: 110 lbs

Eyes: Brown      Hair: Black

Known Relatives:  Mrs. America Red, Mrs.America Blue (Parents)

Powers: Chavez has superhuman strength enough or equal to that of an Asgardian. She can fly, has superhuman speed and is also bulletproof. Miss America can also open portals into other dimensions.



Born and raised in the Utopian parallel dimension to two mothers; Mrs. America Red and Mrs America Blue. This dimension was in sync with the Demiurge. When she was six years old her home dimension was threatened with destruction. Her mothers Red and Blue sacrificed themselves to save her world. Wanting to emulate her mothers and to prove herself a hero as well she flew through a closing portal since her world had no need for heroes. With this act she ran away from her home and her responsibilities as future queen [Young Avengers Vol.2 #3 and #14].

The Origin of Miss America from Young Avengers Vol.2 #14
The Origin of Miss America from Young Avengers Vol.2 #14

Teen Brigade

As she traveled from Dimension to dimension she eventually came to Earth-616 where she joined the Teen Brigade [Vengeance #1]. Her inherent leadership ability allowed her to become co-leader of the gathered heroes. She was also with them when they liberated the In-Betweener from government captivity [Vengeance #1]. When they faced the Young Masters of Evil she fought Loki who sent her to another dimension [Vengeance #4]. She was eventually rescued under the guidance of the In-Betweener [Vengeance #5]. Rejoining the Teen Brigade in Latveria they battled Dr. Doom and the Young Masters. In the aftermath of the battle she and the team escaped [Vengeance #6]. Some time later she began a romantic relationship with teammate Ultimate Nullifier [Young Avengers Vol.2 #10 and #15].

Young Avenger

She eventually split from the the Teen Brigade and traveled to Earth-212. Here she was approached by Kid Loki who tried to convince her to return to Earth-616 to kill the Scarlet Witch’s son Wiccan for the good of all creation. Secretly she planned to return to Earth-616 and instead protect the young hero [Marvel Now Point One #1].

On Earth-616 she stopped Loki from killing Wiccan but before explanation could be given to the young heroes they disappeared [Young Avengers Vol.2 #1]. She later joined the team and battled the forces of mother [Young Avengers Vol.2 #2-5]. On the team she was joined by Prodigy the former mutant and X-man. They journeyed across dimensions



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