Tiger Style (Character)

Tiger Style

Publisher:  ?

Created by: James Mason

First Appearance:  ?

Real Name: Jalen Speare

Legal Status: Unknown

Citizenship: Jamaican

Group Affiliation: Dragon Clan, Street Team (Shaolin Division)

Eye Color: Brown             Hair Color: Black

Weight: 240 lbs                 Height: 6’4

Relatives: Unnamed mother, unnamed father, unnamed maternal Grandfather, Tyra Spear/Ty (Half Sister)

Skills and Abilities: Jalen is the strongest member of the Dragon Clan, and is a master of the Tiger Style, with training in both kung fu and MMA (Mixed martial arts).

Powers: None

Weaknesses: Jalen sometimes uses his great strength to overwhelm opponents and is susceptible to Aikido and other re-directional styles.


Jalen is the strongest member of the Dragon Clan, and is a master of the Tiger Style. He’s the number one student of the young forest Dojo and serves as the leader of the Dragon Clan. A third generation martial artist, Jalen was taught by both his Japanese grandfather and his Jamaican father in the arts of kung fu and MMA (Mixed martial arts) from a very young age. This broad foundation allows him to neutralize most techniques and makes him an ideal training partner for most members of the Dragon Clan. Similar to Mary Free-Man/Crane Style, he’s studied a variety of techniques and can defend well against most styles.

Due to his great skill and past associations, yellow Dragon believes that he would make a prized ally for the Venom Clan and is seeking to recruit him to their cause. The strength of the Tiger style is only rivaled by the Scorpion Style. Jalen and Hector were once close childhood friends, but had a falling out over circumstances surrounding the imprisonment of a mutual acquaintance. They remain bitter rivals to this day (Urban Shogun Character Guide, 2011).


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