Ty (Character)

Ty Urban Shogun (1)

Publisher:  ?

Created by: James Mason

First Appearance:  ?

Real Name: Tyra Speare

Legal Status: Unknown

Citizenship: Jamaican

Group Affiliation: None

Eye Color: Brown             Hair Color: Black

Weight: 145 lbs                 Height: 5’9

Relatives: Unnamed mother, unnamed father,  Jalen Spear/Tiger Style (Half brother)

Skills and Abilities: Ty is a world class Muay Thai martial arts master.

Powers: None initially – although Ty has recently developed energy-based powers of unknown origin.

Weaknesses: As a matter of pride, Ty prefers to fight unarmed. Her lack of weaponry or superhuman powers often puts her at a disadvantage against some of the stronger inhabitants of Void City.


Along with her older ½ brother Jalen/Tiger Style, Ty is the latest in a long line of Jamaican-born Muay Thai kickboxers. At the age of 21, Ty was crowned the youngest ever Muay Thai Grand Champion. Eager for new challenges, Ty traveled to “Void City”, seeing it as the best place to test her fighting skills. After losing a close bout to future heavyweight champion Indigo, she went on a two-fight win streak before leaving Void City to relocate to New Kingston, Jamaica. Tyra is currently retired from professional fighting, but has moved back to Void City after a loss to the infamous Ayumi. She now runs the Bad girl Yardie Gym where she continues to develop her fighting skills and help train others in Muay Thai and kickboxing.

Ty and Jalen share the same father, who was a professional fighter. While Tiger traveled to the United States with his mother, Tyra remained in Jamaica. The Two siblings remain in close contact (Urban Shogun Character Guide, 2011).


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