Crane Style (Character)


Crane Style Urban Shogun (2)

Publisher:  ?

Created by: James Mason

First Appearance:  ?

Real Name: Jalen Speare

Legal Status: Unknown

Citizenship: American

Group Affiliation: Dragon Clan

Eye Color: Brown             Hair Color: Black

Weight: 135 lbs                 Height: 5’7

Relatives: Unnamed mother, unnamed father, Cheetah Style (Sister)

Skills and Abilities: Mary is the second strongest member of the Dragon Clan, and is an accomplished dancer..

Powers: None

Weaknesses: Mary Spent majority of her training on defense, so her offensive techniques are not as advanced as many of the other styles.


One of the smartest members of the Dragon Clan, Mary’s knowledge and study of a variety of techniques qualifies her as the young forest dojo’s #2 Student. She’s also the only Dragon clan member skilled enough to spar with Jalen spear/Tiger Style. Jalen and Mary are frequent sparing partners and have become close friends. As a teenager, Mary was an accomplished dancer, but also took up martial arts as a means of protection during frequent trips to the downtown ballet studio where she trained. As a college student she has transitioned fully into the martial arts, partially as a means of keeping her hot tempered half sister Jordan/Cheetah Style out of trouble.

In addition to great flexibility and balance, Mary is also fantastic jumper. Her jumping ability is second only to the frog style. A defensive specialist, her knowledge of different Fighting styles allows her to defend against almost any technique. The Freeman sisters have separately tangled with Lin/Snake Venom on previous occasions, with Mary claiming the most recent victory (Urban Shogun Character Guide, 2011).


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