A-Force #2 Review

A-Force#2 3

With monsters appearing on the utopian island of Arcadia and threatening its inhabitants, She-Hulk and her team of Avengers set out to discover the source.

But when they stumble upon a conspiracy that reaches far beyond Arcadia, She-Hulk may just find herself on the wrong side of the law!

What I thought

On Arcadia She Hulk and her female warriors, aided by Namor, Namorita and Namora discover that the creatures from A-force #1 that led to American Chavez’s incarceration were caused by a mysterious portal. At the house of Female Loki/American Chavez/Nico Minoru, the later befriends what appears to be Captain Universe. The girl is brought before A-Force who attacks the girl resulting in another mysterious portal opening with a mutant hunting sentinel. The team dispatch it but then have disagreements about whether the girl should be turned over to Doom or not.

I enjoyed the tension between She Hulk and Medusa. The latter was born and bred to lead the other…is questionable at best. This book has a distinctly Amazon vibe which I dig allot. It was very action heavy which is always fun as well but I felt disconnected from everything that happened. None of these characters are “my” versions of them it’s hard to be concerned about high stakes and potential death when you know there are other versions of these characters running around battleworld or will exist when it’s gone. The last page reveal also pales in comparison to last issue.

Overall this was just bland. Apart from the tension between She Hulk and Medusa there was little to care for and no stakes worth mentioning. I give this one 2.5/stars for being just your average comic

stars- 2.5 Average


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