X-men (2013) #8 Review

x-men 008 2013 1Part 2 of MUERTAS

Lady Deathstrike is building an all-new empire and the X-Men will be her calling card!

Without her tech, Karima struggles to remember who she was.

And introducing…Frenzy!



The Good

Art-Terry Dodson and Barry Kitson are on art duty and for the most part they combine pretty well.

Bold- I loved the exchange that Bling and Jubilee had in the cafeteria about equality. Bling laments that she is being stigmatized and ostracized because she is attracted to women. It’s an interesting and poignant question when you consider the X-men are a stigmatized and ostracized people. Bling is a minority within an already established minority.  Oh and she kisses Jubilee as well. Yah!

Story- This issue Typhoid Mary sneaks into the mansion and steals files on Akea and a sample. Psylocke tracks her back to her employer who’s in the middle of a meeting with Sublime. Once they realize the sample is inert Deathstrike heads out to the enchantress. The three then form a Sisterhood.   

Alliance- Its pretty good how organically Brian Wood manages to assemble his all female villain team. Quite often villains just appear on a team but by defining why they are together it truly enhances the overall tale.

Black HeroesMonet the black mutant super girl is here, though not in any meaningful capacity. Storm was in the background. Bling got a neat spotlight and that exchange with Jubilee is pure gold!

CoverMonet is in her X-factor costume front and center. Not the best cover on the stands  



The Bad

Skin Tone– Oh sweet mother of god why am I still subjected to this white looking b***s*** version of Monet? I give up! clearly this is what all the artists think she looks like since Peter David’s X-factor completely f***ed it all up! Irritated and annoyed is not the word for how tired I am of this $hit!

Costume- I was never a fan of Monet’s X-factor costume and seeing it being reused here is disappointing. Redesign ASAP this is NOT flattering nor has it ever been.

Eye Color– Please take note Psylocke in her Asian body does not have blue eyes. Someone get the word out to Jason Keith who’s on duty for all the colors on this issue.

Art- Because there are two artist on art duty the parts not done by Terry Dodson are weaker.


The Ugly

This is still one of the best books out of the Marvel Now line up and with good reason! Top notch art, great characterization and an organic story that seems to be taking place in a realistic and fluid way. 3.5/5

stars- 3.5


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2 thoughts on “X-men (2013) #8 Review

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  • January 2, 2014 at 5:25 am

    Oh…Monet/M…what have they done to you? Speaking of Psylocke I may be going back a decade oh so but I remember a storyline in which he body was switch with another asian (assassin?) called Revanche. I would have to get my old books out to recalled the outcome of it, if there was an outcome.


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