Livewire (Character)


Real Name: Amanda McKee

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Created by: Joshua Dysart and Khari Evans

1st appearance: Harbinger #3, 2012

Nationality: Unknown

Team Affiliations: Harbinger Foundation

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’9                        Weight: 120 lbs

Eyes: Brown                        Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and Abilities: Trained in armed and unarmed combatant.

Powers: She has the power of Tele-technopathy: meaning she can control machines with her mind. After bonding with the X-O-Manawar armor her powers have been expanded to the point that she sees radio waves and emails and control machines and access electronic information without physically touching a machine.



It’s unknown what happened to her parents. She grew up in the “Youth Treatment Center”. While here her power manifested while she played video games. This resulted in the game being “broken” for which she was beaten. As the other children realized her abilities she was stigmatized, ostracized and teased. Upon realizing she could actually communicate with machines she used her power to modify the game into a terrifying torture device which gave all her tormentors nightmares. For this she was apparently beaten.

The Origin of Livewire from Unity #3, 2014

art by Doug Braithwaite

It was here that Toyo Harada; an omega level harbinger and founder of the Harbinger foundation; found her. She saw him as her “salvation”. He fully activated her powers and trained her in the ways of both the samurai and the use of her powers [Unity #3]. He is also noted as educating her [Harbinger #8].

Serving Harada

In the Harbinger organization she rose to the rank of Kodenbushi and senior attendant to Toyo Harada [Harbinger #8]. She aided Peter Stanchek in leaving the Harada Conglomerate [Harbinger #4]. She was in a relationship with fellow Harbinger Stronghold. After Peter’s escape alongside her boyfriend she was brought to Harada’s office where he questioned them right before Peter attacked. Harada and his people gained the upper hand but Livewire controlling the defense turrets subdued Harada allowing Peter to escape. She mentions he is the only one who can challenge Toyo and tells him that Peter must live to balance his tremendous power [Harbinger #5].

For this Toyo casts her out; effectively decommissioning her; to an abandoned house in the middle of a dead zone so her powers would be useless. When Peter began forming the Harbinger resistance he tore the information he needed from her mind painfully for her betrayal [Harbinger #8].


 After the death of Harada’s first Unity team he was forced to return to the desert to pick her up [Unity #1]. After explaining to Harada that she remained to prove her loyalty even though she could have left at any time she agrees to join his team. When the mission goes south she had to fight off Aric of Dacia who held the X-O-Manowar armor. She was instrumental in the success of the mission by separating Aric from the armor and making it her own [Unity #2]. She briefly lost control of the armor but later bonded with it completely thus saving the team along with Aric and his people despite this going against Harada’s wishes. She surrenders the armor to Harada though she finds her powers permanently amplified. Now able to access all of Harada’s secrets she plans to take him down and contacts the Unity team for that express purpose [Unity #3].


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