Harbinger #17 Review

Harbinger #17  (4)

Peter Stanchek and the Renegades barely escaped the clutches of Toyo Harada in the epic final battle of the Harbinger Wars…or so they think. As reality unravels, Valiant’s teenage superteam is about to discover the true extent of the collateral damage from the summer’s blockbuster crossover event – and just what they sacrificed to make it out alive.

Meanwhile, an unforeseen threat to Toyo Harada’s empire lies dormant deep within the walls of Harada’s own fortified prison facility. Meet Monica Jim – aka Animalia – another survivor of the three-way conflagration that decimated the Vegas Strip and a fellow P.O.W. inside the Harbinger Foundation. Just how does she factor into the Renagades’ “Perfect Day”? And could this savagely dangerous child be their only hope of escape from a perfectly designed prison of the mind?

The Good

CoverAnimalia is front and center for this issue. There is a certain eye of the storm thing happening as she stands still in the center and her animal constructs rage and kill all around her.

Story- I’ve been curious since the end of the Harbinger Wars what happened to the captured PRS Harbingers. This issue delivers the answer, finally! Animalia may be more powerful than previously thought and the Harbinger team is slowly breaking out of their containment. Harada also needs to be secured ASAP or risk destroying the city. The punches keep coming in Harbinger!

Art- I’ve been a fan of Clayton Henry’s art since I first saw it in Apocalypse vs. Dracula and his work is still excellent on every conceivable level. Clayton is still Da man!

Black HeroAnimalia is my second favorite Valiant black hero behind Livewire. Shadowman has a long way to go before he can compete with these lovely ladies! The description Joshua Dysart gave during the harbinger wars of Animalia’s powers is deceptive. It may be more accurate to say she can project solid psionic constructs which take on the form of cartoon characters in addition to being able to envelop herself in said constructs. I have my eye on Animalia and hope Dysart doesn’t kill her off.



The Bad

This issue lacked emotion but you can chalk that up to Dysart just getting started. He always delivers so keep it locked on Harbinger in 2014!


The Ugly

Harbinger continues Valiant’s stellar and consistent work!  Every single month I can’t wait for more! Joshua Dysart and Clayton Henry continue to rock out with their super skills 4/5

stars- 4


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