Unity #4 Review

UNITY-004-3UNITY divided!

Here comes heavyweight showdown you’ve been waiting for! As Harada’s secret machinations come to light, the newly minted UNITY team will be faced with a choice that will change this team forever – and the Valiant Universe along with it. Get ready for a world-shaking battle royale as the final installment of UNITY’s first adventure pits X-O Manowar and Toyo Harada against the most dangerous battalion ever united – and each other.

The Good

Cover– This month Clayton Crain delivers a slick and poignant cover. This one has an all white background while Ninjak holds a sword to the throat of Toyo Harada who is bloody and beaten between his legs. I dig it allot!

Art- Doug Brathwaite’s art is gorgeous yet surprisingly subtle. While the action flows seamlessly and the bodies are all distinct and shapely it’s in the small things that it truly shines. On the opening page as Livewire and Harada walk away from the vault  you can tell from the look on her face that she is conflicted. In the same panel you can tell Harada is a stern, serious and determined. Not many artists can pull that off. UNITY-004-5

Accessibility– Using the reporter as the reader’s point of view character much the same way that Christopher Priest used Everett Ross during his Black Panther run we are given an outside perspective on the events unfolding. They serve as a great way for new readers to be brought up to speed quickly while giving them someone they can imprint their own experiences on immediately.

Conflict/Emotion– Doug Brathwaite’s art helps to truly sell the conflict within Livewire. As she says while ragging Harada into the upper atmosphere, she now realizes how truly corrupt and power hungry he is. He was her savior, her mother and father figure. She is devastated to learn of his very human flaws, and the depth of his depravity. As she holds him in her arms and cries you realize how disappointed and emotionally devastated she truly is. “Goodbye Harada sama”, is a tender yet agonizing adieu. Livewire could have killed him but ‘cant’ despite his corruption. This pivotal moment again shows the dueling emotions within her…does she think him redeemable or is the pain of actually killing him herself too much to bear?

Harbingers– We also get a bit more insight on the ‘Unity’ team that was killed by Aric in Unity #1. It also shows just how loyal Harada’s men are to him. This is like a military run operation with Harada as president. Failing him means falling onto your own sword in regret.

Team– I love the skill set of this team assembled over at Valiant Hq. Their dynamic is fluid yet off kilter at the same time. As I said in Unity #3 Review, I can’t put my finger on what makes me love this team the way I do.

The Bad

Small Nitpick- As expected Aric get’s back the armor and Livewire. Me sad 🙁

The Ugly

Unity #4 is an emotionally captivating, action packed, well drawn masterpiece! 5/5

stars- 5 excellent


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