ColdFire (Character)

James Lucas-Coldfire
James Lucas-Coldfire

Real Name: James Lucas Jr.

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Marc McLaurin and Dwayne Turner

1st appearance: Cage #3, June 1992

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Unknown

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 160 lbs                 Weight: 5’9

Eyes: Brown                        Hair: Black

Relatives: James Lucas Sr. (Father), Luke Cage (Brother), Esther Lucas (Mother)

Skills and abilities: Unknown

Powers: He could animate an incendiary protoplasm which he could mold into various shapes most notably waves of heat, white hot flame and multiple humanoid duplicates of himself.


Growing up with his family in Harlem, New York James and older brother Carl never really got along. Their relationship worsened as Carl became involved in crime as a teenager. When his mother died because of Carl’s friend he was convinced Carl was to blame. When Carl was presumed dead and Luke Cage came on the scene he convinced his father to move from place to place in hopes of keeping them separated and believing the other to be dead [Cage #3, #8, #10].

When Cage was closing in on their location Dakota North confronted him but he was rescued by Hardcore. Taken in by “The Corporation” he complied with Power Master’s and Hardcore’s plans to deal with his brother. While there he became interested in gaining superpowers so he could deal with his brother Cage.

He was trained in the ability to transfer his consciousness into incendiary protoplasm. His father was taken hostage to ensure his cooperation.  He battled Luke but eventually teamed up with him to save their father. In the process his body was killed and his energy form began to dissipate.

After the explosion he was assumed dead though his energy form was seen moving [Cage 13-14]. He has not been seen since.


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