Commander A (Character)

Commander A

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Roger Stern and Phil Briones

1st appearance:   Captain America Corps #1, 2011

Nationality: Unknown

Team Affiliations: Captain America Corps

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 7 ft.              Weight: 320 lbs

Eyes:  Brown            Hair: Black

Relatives: Luke Cage (Great Grand Uncle), Danielle Cage (Grand Aunt), , James Leonard Lucas (Great Great Grand Uncle), Esther (Great Great Grand Aunt, deceased),James Jr./Coldfire (Great Grand Uncle)

Skills and abilities:  Trained hand to hand combatant.

Powers: He appears to have a measure of superhuman strength.

Equipment: Kiyoshi has wrist mounted gauntlets capable of generating energy shields on both arms. His costume also has what is called the “Neuro-Web” which gives him access to all kinds of information from across the globe. This NW can also be sued to hack into databases and retrieve information. The headgear of his costume can also project holograms to display the information accessed by the NW as well as assist in combat. 

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Hailing from the 25th century in the United Americas this descendant of Luke Cage, idolized the legacy of Captain America and wanted to continue it’s long standing tradition. He served ten years as his time’s Captain America [Captain America Corps 4#].

He was recruited into the Captain America Corps by Tath [Captain America Corps #1]. Here he was teamed with American Dreamer from the MC-2 universe, Steve Rogers from the WW2 era, U.S Agent/John Walker and Bucky/Captain America. the team was brought together because someone was erasing Captain America from the 21st century across multiple dimensions–causing a sort of dire entropy wave that could annihilate everything unless they helped Tath reverse it [Captain America Corps #2]. To bolster his claim Tath sent them into the new twisted 21st century where they were pursued as outlaws by faceless americops and later captured by a hulking Ameridroid and tortured by the mysterious Americommand. Working together they escaped their captors and were drawn back to Tath with important intelligence about Americas Dark new reality [Captain America Corps #3-4].

They rallied the last of Earth’s heroes to aid in their battle but found Tath absorbed by the technology of their adversaries. After they saved time and returned things to normal he returned as a hero to his world to live out the rest of his life [Captain America Corps #5].


N.B: Kiyoshi’s has stated that his ethnicities include Japanese, hispanic, Nez Percé, and African-American. 


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