Exiled #1 Review


Long ago the Desir; handmaidens to odin’s father Bor; were cursed to live forever in perpetual unlife after a betrayal most foul. Recently they were caught by Loki and sold to Mephisto.

Now: The New mutants neighbor has been watching them for months, he freaks when he sees Hela’s Pet Leah drops off a hell hound on their steps.  When Dani Moonstar realizes their neighbor she goes over to talk o him. He realizes she’s a valkyrie and runs inside to don his costume and grabs a magic scroll. At the same time the Desir escape from Hell to enact vengeance on Sigurd. Loki, Thor, hela and the warriors three arrive and Sigurd reads his magic scroll and all the asgardians vanish.

Elsewhere a human loki is tucked in by mother hela.

The Good

Art-Carmine Di Giandomenico provides interesting art for the tale complimented by Andy Troy’s dynamic and highly saturated colors.

Characterization- Dani Moonstar is the assertive leader you would expect, Sunspot the jock, warlock provides humor while Loki, Memphisto, and Sigurd round out the main personalities which shine through in this issue.

Cover- The first part of an interlocking poster dedicated to this awesome crossover.

New Mutants & Asgard-  Dani Moonstar the Native American valkyrie has always had ties with the golden realm even more so when she made a deal with Hela after she lost her mutant powers. They also spent time in Asgard years ago along with the X-men when storm was briefly de-powered. Recently Memphisto went on a date with teammate Magma, and a hell hound is being nursed by Warlock. To say the New Mutants have a long sordid history with Asgard and its inhabitants is an understatement.

New Black Hero– Introducing Sigurd the ever glorious, a black Asgardian after Idris Elba caused such controversy In Thor? We approve!

Humor- Peppered throughout the tale where bits of humor mostly provided by Sigurd, Warlock and Loki.


The Bad

Nate Grey- Nowhere close to being as powerful as he was before his “death” years ago, I would have preferred he stay dead than return to this neutered state.

AVX- You remember the terribly written Avengers vs X-men event running through marvels biggest books this summer? Yeah getting all the attention? This is a much better characterized


The Ugly

A decent start to the New mutants + Asgard summer adventure! 4/5


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