Ryder (Character)


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by:  Grant Morrison

1st appearance: Skrull Kill Krew #1, 1995

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Skrull Kill Krew

Legal Status: US citizen with no criminal record

Height: 6’2              Weight: 215 lbs

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Skilled in the use of weapons and unarmed combat.

Powers: Due to his altered DNA he possesses limitless shape shifting abilities to alter his mass, color, texture and height. In addition he has displayed telepathy, teleportation, cloaking ability, resistance to heat and flame, healing factor, superhuman reflexes and strength. He also can see anyone rendered invisible, can see through Skrull’s in disguise.

He usually uses his powers to turn his hands into ballistic weapons which fires ammunition fatal to skrulls. The ammunition presumably is generated internally.


Ryder’s story began years ago when Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic brainwashed some Skrulls into thinking they were earth born cows. Unfortunately those cows ended up on a meat farm and were slaughtered and sold just like the cows they impersonated. Ryder was one of the people to eat this “Skrull cow meat” and as a result found his biology radically altered on a molecular level by the alien flesh. As if drawn together all those altered banded together to hunt down the Skrulls on earth and kill them. By the time of the “secret Invasion” he was joined by Triathlon who had become the new 3D Man. After “Secret Invasion” they split and he returns to hunting down skrulls.

Here they realize that their genes have now become completely Skrull. They also stop the senseless Skrull killings as they learn of Earth born Skrulls who are not a threat to Earth’s population.

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