X-men legacy #249 Review


Magneto and Rogue have a heart to heart away from the x-men, he warns her to stay away from him. Frenzy is about to pummel Toad when Gambit interrupts. She goes to her room and makes a fateful decision she will become an X-man. Legion is in the lab testing out a new apparatus which allows him to access all his personalities one by one. Five of these personalities have gone missing and he tells them to send for his father. Once returned to Utopia Rogue shares a kiss with Magneto.

The Good

Cover- Gorgeous illustration by Mico Suayan and Mate Gracia showing Rogue comforting Magneto outside the gates of a concentration camp.

CharacterizationFrenzy a long time Black Supervillain who’s spent most of her life as a lackey for others finally has some much needed character development. After the Age of X in which she was Cyclops/Basilisk’s and fought in the united mutant army she fund purpose and calling. Here her return to the real world with her memories still intact and realizes how shallow and empty her life really is. She literally remakes herself into who she wants to be, first physically by cutting her hair and designing a suit reminiscent of her more heroic counterpart. This girl has a new lease on life and great potential!

Attraction- I’ve always entertained the unconventional pairing of Magneto and Rogue. Mike Carey obviously a fan of these two, with a shared dark pasts and their mutual attraction again gives us a glimpse of what could be. They were together in numerous “alternate timelines” and I still remember their mutual attraction after he saved her life in the savage land. Rogue has been redeemed of her demons after joining the X-MEN. Magneto however is like a cat, never quite tamed, never quite redeemed. It’s interesting that Carey has Rogue admit she’s “NOT” afraid of Magneto when the very reason they were never “together” was her fear of him at the time. Perhaps time has tempered her 🙂

The Bad

Art-Interiors courtesy of Rafa Sandoval does a good job of illustrating the action though not every panel has the same level of detail making it uneven in places.

Pairing- Some will hate the rehash of Rogue and Magneto romantically

The Ugly

Still one of the better written X-men books out there and the best use of a black character in x-men currently bar none! 3/5

stars- 3


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