X-men #22 Review


War machine is in the clutches of a modified sentinel and nothing Colossus and Storm can do will help. He manages to break free and they take the fight to the sentinel. Psylocke, warpath and Jubilee meanwhile take on the soldiers in the warehouse. As soon as they finish Domino comes in with a prisoner who can answer some of their questions.  The president then launches all her remaining sentinels at the neighbouring countries, the X-men scramble to stop them before they cause a massacre.

The Good

Cover- Thes series has consistently had good covers and this is a continuation of the same.

Story- The conflict between these countries was portrayed well and we can easily understand why they would want to attack their neighbours after they were invaded, raped and butchered so many times before. You also understand why the x-men are involved not just because of sentinels but to save lives.

Team- I like Storm’s team, despite being classified as “stealth”: they also have enough raw power between Colossus and Storm to deal with most threats. Psylocke and Jubillee in particular showed what assets they can be as both the means of communication and the unpredictable element of the team.

The Bad

Art- This time there was a noticeable drop in overall quality from page to page, not cool.

Colossus- the new Juggernaut- This is the problem with giving heroes this amount of power, colossus empowered as he is now by cytorak should have been able to rip that sentinels foot clean off in one punch. Instead he was portrayed weaker than he was before his enhancement. Can we please have some consistency here?

The Ugly

Overall this issue was a 3/5


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0 thoughts on “X-men #22 Review

  • January 3, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    I always hated the way they used Colossus! Every fight u see him getting his ass kicked! This guy could lift 80 to 100 tons, always training in the danger room and he is the first to get beat! now I dont know how the cytorak powers work, but since he was already one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe, then the powers of cytorak should of amped him up way further than when Marko Cain was the Juggernaut.

    • January 4, 2012 at 2:26 am

      In theory your right Joe…..I don’t get why he needed help to kill a sentinel? That’s just whack!


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