Punchout (Character)

Created by:  Chris Claremont and Rick Leonardi

1st appearance:  Uncanny X-Men #235, 1988

Alias: Knockout, Punch Out

Nationality: Unknown

Team Affiliations: The Press Gang, Genoshan Magistrates, Genoshan Army

Legal Status: unknown

Height: 6’0″    Weight:  230

Eyes: Brown    Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Trained hand to hand combatant thanks to life in the genoshan army as a soldier and Magistrate.

Powers:  Superhuman strength and durability.


Punchout is a super-humanly strong mutant who lived in Genosha. Nothing else is known of her past but she joined the Genoshan Magistrates and the Press Gang. Here she fought the X-men and Cable multiple times in Genosha’s defence. She later helped defeat Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four and took him to Genosha.  Later when the island fell into civil war she remained with her Press Gang friends to fight against the rebels. When Magneto rose to power in Genosha she seemingly disappeared and has not been seen since. It is unknown if she retained her powers after M-Day.


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