Prowler (Character)

The Prowler

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Stan Lee and John Buscema

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #78, 1969

Real Name: Hobie Brown

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: none

Alias: Aaron Brown, Hobie Brown, Aaron Hobie Brown, cat burglar

Legal Status: U.S citizen with criminal record.

Weight: 180 lbs    Height: 5’11

Eyes: Brown      Hair: Black

 Relatives: Unnamed parents (status unknown), Abe Brown (Older brother), Seven unnamed siblings (status unknown)

Skills and Abilities: Prowler has a green belt in taikwando and is adept at street fighting. He’s also a world class athlete and inventor.

Powers:none. Prowler uses a customized costume to fight crime. The rigid cape can be used as a weapon and to glide on air currents. The soles of his shoes are lined with rubberized soles and shock absorbers so he can survive high falls with no ill effect. The boot also contain Concussive air blasts to enhance his jumping ability and to aid in flying and gliding. His gloves are steel tipped  and used to scale walls and in melee combat. The gloves contain Laser blasters, Sleeping gas pellets to knock out opponents, Cleaning fluid, Sharp-tipped diamond shaped metal fletchettes, Concussive gas canisters (creating obscuring fog, and knockout gases), Grappling hook and Magnesium flares.


Hobie grew up dirt poor with eight siblings, the most notable was Abe brown a very skilled martial artist. Despite his inventive genius  he ended up a window washer who was belittled and laughed at for his dreams of being an inventor. Digested with society he decided to use his skills for personal gain. In his first outing as the villain prowler he crossed paths with Spider-man.


Defeated and unmasked Spider-man gave the fellow teen advice and let him go free, He would later aid spider-man several times. Hobbie would go on to marry his love, Mindy S. McPherson. He tried to join the defenders before briefly retiring. His equipment was stolen and used again for crime before being returned by Spider-man.

He would join Silver Sable’s team of Outlaws and face his brother Abe is battle. When his designs were stolen by Nightcreeper and vulture he defeated them. Hobie survived a brief paralysis and was later jailed during civil war. Later he teamed with Spider-man as his suit was stolen yet again.


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