Nubia (Character)

Nubia The Amazon

Created by: Robert Kanigher and Don Heck.

1st appearance: Wonder Woman #204 (May 1973)

Alias: Sister of Wonder Woman, Black Wonder woman, Princess Nubia, Black Amazon, Nu’Bia, Nubia Guardian of Styx, Guardian of Styx

Team Affiliations: The Amazons

Legal Status: unknown

Height:6’0″                  Weight:150 lbs (64 kg)

Eyes: Brown                   Hair: Black

Relatives: Hippolyta (Mother), Diana/Wonder woman (sister), Donna/Harbinger (Sister)

Skills and Abilities:  Abducted by Ares and taught the ways of warfare she is a highly proficient hand to hand combatant and martial artist having defeated Wonder woman in their first meeting. Nubia has further training after joining the amazons.


Original powers: Previously she possessed the same super strength as Wonder Woman and possessed a sword which could counteract the powers of the magic lasso.

Reboot powers: She has the typical amazonian strength though less than Wonder woman. Nubia possesses armor embossed with a lions visage which allows her to teleport to different location. Like Medusa of myth she can use a cold stare which turn anyone can  to stone.



Original history

Born from black clay modeled by the hands of Hippolyta queen of the amazons at the same time that she modeled Diana/Wonder woman from white clay. Both where given life by the gods but Nubia was stolen by Ares and trained by him. Years later she met her sister in battle and defeated her. She ruled her own island made by Ares ad was friends with Super girl.

Reboot version

Millenia older than Wonder Woman she was the amazons first champion who had won the very competition which granted Wonder woman her title. After winning she was placed at the entrance to the river Styx. Her job was to prevent anyone from entering or escaping. She is also the lover of the god of light and aids Wonder woman in a few adventures.


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