Fear Itself: The Home Front #3 Review


Black superhero Cardiac watches as the world around him erupts into chaos. He sees a downed car and people in help so he descends to fight off the crowd and save the people. He comes face to face with another corporate fat cat who has gotten away with killing people with his products. He is left torn between saving the man’s son or leaving the man there to died for his crimes. In the end he decides the boy is innocent and picks him up and races to a hospital. Unfortunately he arrived too late and the boy dies, he is left distraught that his need to make the man pay for his crimes cost an innocent life. He barley pulls himself back outside to continue the good fight.

The Good

Art-mike Del Mundo’s art is gorgeous and hits all the right notes. Action flows seamlessly!

Characterization- Ben Mc cool has done his homework as he reintroduces Cardiac to the marvel universe and makes the story central to the origins of our hero. I also loved the conflict the tale illustrated between punishing the guilty yet saving the innocent. The fine line between good and evil is written believable. I was left wandering the whole time…would I have done anything differently?

The Bad

Such a pity this issue was divided into three tales. The lion’s share of the comic was spent on speedball and Namorita.

Cardiac’s tale felt tacked on and an afterthought.

The Ugly

2.5/5 one good tale in a three tale book? Such a pity!


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