Mystery Men #1 Review


New York 1939

The Operative leaves his calling card after robbing a room. He changes into his civilian clothes and returns to a party where he meets with his girlfriend right before the apparent host realizes that she’s been robbed. The next Night she meets with “the general” a friend who plans on introducing her to a movie director to launch her career. He takes her onto a secluded boat where he slashes her throat in the center of a magical circle before dumping her body into the sea.

A day later the operative realizes his girl has been killed and falls into depression. The cops try to pin her murder on him and he flees.

The General meets with his group who control much of the United States. He plans to lead them on and archeological dig where he will find an amulet. He goes to a brothel where a demon inhabiting the body of his would be “companion” lets him know that he will be successful.

The operative visits his private detective friend who has been killed and the police swarm him, the set up now complete. He escapes with the aid of “The Revenant” and locates his dead girlfriend’s sister. The cops arrive to kill them but Revenant takes them down and proposes an alliance.

The Good

Story- I thought the story had a nice pace. There was enough exposition for the story to be established yet not so much that it reminded you of the 90’s when exposition was crammed down your throat. I liked the added touch of authenticity the tale itself added to the timeline, the characters and situations fit perfectly into the 1930’s without feeling forced or contrived. David Liss tells a masterful noir style action romp with a blend of Nostalgia that works magic!

Art- The art carried the established David Liss in comics’ vibe of Noir yet the art was far stronger than the Black Panther man without fear comic by leaps and bounds. Artist Patrick Zircher does work that can only be described as perfect! It captures every nuance of the time frame and pulls you back in time to experience the wonders, the horror and the triumph of this

Revenant- I love the mystery surrounding the character and his abilities, a black superhero in the 1930’s?  Oh the controversy!

The Bad

The Operative- Our protagonist takes nods from Robin Hood with his rob the rich tale but unlike previous ‘archetypical characters’ he lacks a certain charm and charisma.

The Ugly

4/5 Solid


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