Green Lantern #64 Review

War of the Green Lanterns, Part One


While Sinestro and Hal along with the rest of the power ran…I mean the rainbow lantern corps learns the origin of Krona the guardians await a contingent of green lanterns to retrieve Hal Jordan for his latest bout of insubordination. The rainbow corps gets attacked by Lyssa Drak who now lives inside the book of Black. Quick thinking by sinestro saves Hal but everyone else and the book disappear leaving their rings. Back on Oa the guardians discuss what to do with the corp., Krona and the seven emotional spectrum embodiments. They quickly take the guardians as their news hosts and Krona puts parallax back into the central power battery. This allows for the control of most of the green lanterns. Hal now fights off the Lanterns sent to retrieve him Luckily he manages to evade capture and sends out a call for help.

The Good

Cover- Gorgeous cover of the four earth Green Lanterns fighting each other; Guy vs Hal, Kyle vs John; flanked by an assortment of lanterns from other sectors doing likewise in the background.

Art-One thing you can never fault Green Lantern for is bad art, this is one o the most consistent comics in terms of art. This one follows the tradition of just plain beautiful.

Action- Krona’s tiff with the guardians, Hal vs Fellow lanterns and the lysssa drak scuffle make for an action packed issue.

Story- Krona  makes his move after a long wait since brightest day and its exciting, Geoff Johns injects enough story into the action to make this nice new event worth reading.

The Bad

Hal’s escape- it felt tacked on. Here he is flanked by lanterns and manages to just fly right out and into space? If I didn’t know any better I would think Krona wanted him to escape.

The Ugly



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