Green Lantern Corp #58 Review

War of the Green Lanterns, Part Two


Kyle, John and Ganthet along with their teammates quickly return to Oa fearing what has transpired since they went to the antimatter universe to save Kyle’s girlfriend and Sinestro’s daughter Natu. Upon returning they find the Alpha Lanterns deactivated and the yellow impurity returned (see Green Lantern #64 for details) resulting in everyone except Kyle, Ganthet and John being taken over by Parallax. When Natu flees toward the corrupted Oa Kyle subtly influenced by Parallax freaks out since she is now in danger. John tries to stop him but he lashes out. They both start to fight and Ganthet realizes that they are not completely immune to the yellow impurity and separates the two. He manages to pull off there rings but his blows up taking his hand with it. Now powerless the Corps descends on them. Ganthet uses his powers to cover their escape since he is not invisible for krona. The war has begun!

The Good

Cover- its Kyle vs John and constructs everywhere! I like it!

Origin- New readers will like that the first two pages are dedicated to our two stars Kyle and John, their histories and the tragedies which made them who they are today also get highlighted.

Continuity- This issue displayed great use of continuity, from Kyle’s fear of losing another girlfriend to death, to John’s guilt over his dead wife. It all flowed very well especially if you’re a long time fan and reader of these two. Ganthet and Kyle particularly get nice fleshing out as Ganthet again puts his life on the line for Kyle who he sites as still the best hope of the green lantern corp since after all he did rebuild the damn thing. This was refreshing considering the sideline Geoff Johns always meets out to Kyle.

Hope- For what seems like forever Kyle has been eluded as having great hope within him. In the Sinestro Corp war it was what kept him sane while possessed by Parallax and again Ganthet places all his Hope on Kyle. Kyle fans should be happy!

Art- While the art here lacks the details of the main green lantern title the dynamic use of colors makes this a visual treat.

The Bad

21 pages– Seriously… just seemed short.

Short– Despite the great characterization this issue felt “fillerish” all they managed to do was fall to oa in all honesty.

The Ugly



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