Michael Jai White’s Black Panther!

Who is the Black Panther?

Straight from comicbookmovie comes news of Michael Jai white’s interest in the titular role of the Black Panther as both star and director.

Scott Tre: If a major studio were to give you two hundred million dollars to make a movie and gave you complete creative control, what kind of movie would you make? What would be the ultimate Michael Jai White star vehicle?

Michael Jai White: If I had two hundred million I’d make like ten movies out of that (laughs). I would definitely make the Paul Robeson story. That would be my drama. I’d make Black Panther. I would do something with Black Panther that would make you forget about Batman. I guarantee you, if I got a chance to do Black Panther, everything would change. The genre would change.

Bold claims if I ever did hear some. Although I still don’t want him as T’challa on the big screen……they could do worst than Jai white though.…..


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