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We get a flashback as one of the mayor’s co-workers walks into her office and takes her hostage. Few hours later Icon and Rocket arrive to give the police their assistance things go wrong as Icon wants to comply with their request of being slapped in cuffs and hauled off while Rocket lashes out at them. When things stabilize the duo saves the cops and rushes into the mayor’s office right after she actually confesses to being the one responsible for what happened at the “big bang”. Icon disarms the man who transforms into a hulking beast!

The Good

The dialogue and story have started sinking there hooks in, McDuffie has crafted two very well characterized and executed people in, Icon and Rocket. One is aloof, law abiding and pretty much “uptown” while the other is a dirt poor tough as nails chick with quite a mouth on her. It was also great seeing a brief recap of the hostage situation and what lead to the police and our duo clashing.

The motivation of the would be captor is also a great read as it starts what will probably be a conspiracy theory that has far reaching consequences in the “Dakotaverse”.

Additionally we got to see just what Rocket’s powers are thanks to the belt and the brief skirmish with the cops.

The Bad

The art is still not one of the highlights of this book 🙁

The Ugly

All in all a solid read 3.5/5


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