Firestorm #4 Review

Firestorm #4


One day ago a woman with seeming shape shifting abilities murders another woman while raving like a lunatic.

Jason has a new job as the mascot of a fried chicken spot. He almost talks to the girl he likes until his @$$hole of a father embarrasses him in front of everyone. On the drive back home he tries to talk to his father to no avail.

That night he sneaks out of his house giving his best friend the brush off in the process. He bonds with a homeless man and goes for a fly. There he runs into John Stewart/Green Lantern and Martian manhunter. He tells them his origins and they leave him a means to contact them if he ever needs help before flying off on a JLA emergency.

Jason stumbles on a car crash and the female murderer shows up she grabs hold of him after revealing she has the ability to take on the properties of things she touches. She’s apparently fried when Jason’s power goes out of control. She falls dead into the water below.

The Good

Love the artwork in this series by regular Chriscross. Jason meets with John Stewart and Martian manhunter effectively making him known to the larger superhuman community. His personal struggle with work, oncoming college, his abusive father and his lack of confidence are the driving force behind this series. Jason is just a very pitiful and unassuming character that you can’t help but root for him. I’m enjoying the set up of things and his lack of control over the firestorm matrix and his powers.

The moral dilemma brought up at the end of the issue with him seemingly killing this woman will lead to some interesting things come next issue and his new JLA connection has me eager to see where this is going.

The Bad

Simpering personality will still grate on the nerves. This issue had more heroics than character development making this arguably the weakest of the issues thus far.

The Ugly



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