Astonishing X-men Xenogenisis #4 Review


Storm evacuates Jaspers from the battle field. Wolverine gets his innards shot to hell as the team realizes they are up against a group of Fury soldiers. Emma learns the tragic truth that Jaspers is the last superhuman on his earth, he is a dimensional teleporter who’s presence has caused the radiation leading to all the superhuman births. She also learns of a double blade sword about the situation. On a world which Jaspers went to, a team killed a group of furies. In retaliation they destroyed that world and if Jaspers teleports again the radiation levels would probably kill or infect them all. Hisako and beast are taken down and wolvie goes wild.

The Good

All out visceral action erupts in this issue! The Furies f#@* up Wolverine, no pun intended…the dude had his intestines in his hands at one point. Storm cuts loose showing the awe-inspiring power she wields. Emma Frost learns the gruesome truth about Jaspers and the furies in this issue. Mouth hits the floor kind of revelations. These furies purged their own world of all superhumans…..think the Jewish purge in Nazi Germany times a million, just gruesome graphic shocking stuff. The issue reads a whole lot better than the last two with revelations and action to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Art also shined in these action heavy panels with colors adding just enough dazzle to keep things interesting.

The Bad

What’s Hisako/Armor’s purpose here!? She’s done NOTHING since the book started! Why even bring her if she’s just filler?

It took four issue to get to this point where the story and action can mesh well….I’m expecting a forced fifth issue since that’s the conclusion of things here.

The Ugly



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