Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #1 Review

Grant Morisson has re-invisioned the new gods and the servants of Darkseid as good and evil. Darkseid is referred to as Dark Side, essentially Lucifer/Satan. During the war in heaven the Dark Side won. Shilo Norman may hold the key to setting things right and restoring “heaven”.

Shilo Norman is a world renowned escape artist they even say he’s a modern day Houdini. His latest trick finds him suspended above a miniature black hole. All eh has to do is escape gravity itself. He falls into the black hole where he meets with the new god metron who tells him there was a war in heaven and that evil won. He is then freed from the black hole and left visibly shaken by his “vision”. His manager tries to convince him all is well but he knows there was more to his experience than any of them realize. His boss takes him to a whore house where he meets the female furies and granny goodness, now prostitutes and Pimp. He recognizes the and quickly leaves. All this is being recounted to his Psychiatrist. While walking the streets he meets the black racer who is now a wheelchair bound old man who tells him that him and Metron have a wager over what will become of Shilo, he thinks he will die right now. Just then a car starts chasing him and he runs for his life.

The Good
Very interesting take on the gods of new genesis (home to the new gods) and Apokalips (home to darkseid). By classifying them as heaven/hell and Darkseid as essentially the devil a whole world of possibilities have sprung up. I’m curious to see where this leads since Shilo holds the keys to saving “heaven” while the world is now the domain of the “dark side”.

Shilo comes across as a tortured and bored man. His life is what most men dream off money, girls and sex but eh wants more. He realizes the emptiness of his life and strives for more even while the world around him is crumbling. He also has the power to recognize the agents of Dark side or shall I say demons in this world under the thumb of the devil.

His connection with the angels (new gods) also makes him target for this new corrupted world in which evil reigns.

Grant Morisson weaves a tantalizing web which philosophers and atheists will adore.
The art was enchanting while the colors dazzled the senses.

The Bad
Fans of the conventional new genesis and Apokalips superhero diatribe will hate this.
Shilo is a relative unknown so most people will pass up a great reading experience without ever purchasing the book. Religious types especially fanatics will hate the analogy used here.

The Ugly
3/5 a solid start!


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