Daughters of the Dragon #4 Review


Ricadonna and Misty fight over the chip and misty loses her hand and the chip. Humbug calls colleen and Misty has a flashback of losing her hand the first time. Colleen takes Misty to Iron Man who prepares a more advanced hand for her and makes fail safes so she won’t go into shock next time it’s chopped off.

Humbug helps Colleen track down Ricadonna, the chip and the location she plans to sell it. Once Colleen gets a location she promises to set him up with a good lawyer and try to get him out of prison.

Misty and Colleen meet up at a Chinese restaurant where Colleen tries to get her friend to deal with her anger over losing her arm. She wants no part I it and storm off. She visits her boyfriend Iron Fist and the two go in for some alone time.

The Good

The small flashback to Misty losing her arm was a good modern retelling of how it all happened. It also allows for greater insight into her psyche which comes to the fore as well. The talk she has after she gets a new bionic arm with her partner shows the tough as nails scared as hell to show emotions chick she is.

The bond between the two women also gets highlighted.

Humor is pepered all over the issue as well from the “Mad Juggler” anther d-list villain lol to the banter between “Bugsy” and Coleen. Just great stuff all around!

The art continues to dazzle with shapely female forms and perky tits 🙂

Action Junkies should be pleased as the fight between Ricadonna and Misty flowed from panel to panel without feeling forced or rushed, everything came together well.

The Bad

This series only has a few more issue before it wraps (major bummer)

The Ugly



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