X-treme X-men #37 review

X-Treme X-men #37 Storm: The Arena 2 of 4: Champion


Storm stands as the new Champion of the Tokyo Arena. Enjoying her moment as Champion, she is not aware that this was all a trick by Koga to have her become Champion. Finally free of her confusion, she and Yukio escape to Yukio’s apartment. The ladies get rather cozy and discuss the state of mutant affairs in the world when they are attacked by Strong Guy, who is defeated. He takes the ladies into hiding in Lila Cheney’s AI house. There he explains the history of the Arenas and warns Storm not to get involved. Strong and steadfast, Storm decides to accept the title of Champion and returns to the Arena. Once there, a trap is set as Callisto, newly formed with numerous tentacles in place of arms, arrives to challenge her for the championship.

The Good:

The highlight of this issue was the characterization of Storm, Yukio, and Strong Guy, especially the scene in the apartment where Storm discusses the state of mutant affairs. She does a nice job recounting of what has been occurring in the title. I love the yelling at Xavier picture and her account about the Purity website and Marie D’Ancanto. Her questioning of Charles Xavier and Yukio’s response about being an X-Men, highlight why Storm is such a strong leader.

I never cared for Strong Guy as a character and part of his portrayal was lacking, but his trying to protect Storm and her caring for him shows how strong the X-Family is. I had never really seen these two characters interact in any meaningful way, but this was a poignant scene.

The arrival at Callisto at the end was a nice set-up for the next issue.

Again, I am not a fan of Igor Kordey’s art, but it was improved this issue. Nice seeing Storm’s body.

The inclusion of Lila’s Cheney’s AI house was nice and should be incorporated in more stories!

The Bad:

While the cover to the previous issue shows a regal and powerful Storm. This cover shows her in an awkward flight pose with her butt out. While beautifully drawn, it’s too “cheesecake” for my tastes.

The questionable sexual tension between Storm and Yukio is drawn into more question this issue. They have a strong friendship, but it is hard to tell if they are just strong females comfortable enough to be around each other naked or if they really are sexual partners.

The Ugly:

Strong Guy’s first appearance in this issue is rather awkward, he attacks both women and even comments about their sexuality. His attack is pretty brutal as he hurls Storm into a wall and is inexplicably able to withstand a tornado and lightning. After the attack, he states he was trying to protect them and he may have attacked them for the benefit of the spycams that were following him, but still. It was an odd way to try to protect her.

Again, it is sad that there has been no follow-up on the Arena. And future events with the House of M make Storm’s speech about the increasing number of mutants seem pointless..

Still this is a great-read for Storm fans.

stars- 4 very good

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