New Avengers #5 Review

The New Avengers #5 - Breakout! part five


Iron man and cap take out the t-rex who destroyed their ship last issue. Wolverine who was sneaking up on spider woman gets a rude awakening when she uses his own momentum against him and even stabs him in his own neck….with his claws. He gets pissed and cage separates the two. Wolvie explains why he’s there and questions them their own motivations right before they are taken out by the savage land mutates.

The team wakes up naked and tied up as brain child gets ready to start his experiments. Lykos comes in and laments how the government used him as part of weapon x and once he refused his orders they locked him away like a common criminal. Finding his reasoning falling on deaf ears he orders them killed. Iron man voice controls the armor to free them and it does that and more. Once they get back in costume it’s a showdown. Lykos tries to flee but wolvie won’t let him. He transforms to sauron after stealing some of wolvie’s power right then his brains gets splattered all over the dirt. Circling the team are shield agents under orders of a blond woman who says they cant leave any survivors.

The Good

Art and colors are top notch as was the story and the team dynamics. Many people can question why bendis chose this team but he clearly has a handle on everyone voice and what makes each character tick. That is a definite plus; another great thing was the continued nod to continuity. While other writers tend to retcon what doesn’t work for them, Bendis uses existing continuity to enhance his own story and that makes it a joy to read. The ending was a sweet cliffhanger that at the time had me begging for more.
The Bad

Fight scenes were just filler as the story was more about the impending conspiracy thus action junkies may be left under whelmed.

The Ugly



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