New Avengers #4 Review

The New Avengers #4 - Breakout! part four


Team assembles at stark tower they have a comm. Link with Maria hill before they track down Electro and return to Rykers where they get a name. Dr. Kyle Lykos aka sauron. So our team jets off t the savage land. Once they land they get attacked by a t-rex. They put him down right before wolverine threatens to cut Spiderwoman’s head off.

The Good

Art and colors still a highlight. Team has great chemistry and dynamics. Spiderman is just brilliantly used here. Spiderwomans anatomically correct super suit is…..aww inducing 🙂 Story was ok, but again more set up.

The bad

Wolverine’s ominipresents rears its ugly head. Story was slow paced…that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It lacked a discernible wow factor.

The Ugly



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